Neppis racing



Neppis racing is a project, developed by a team of students in 1 month. It is a game based on the outdoor sandbox game, Neppis. In this game 2 players compete against eachother on a single tablet, in a turnedbased race to be the first to reach the finish.

ARM had set the criteria for it to be a tablet game as they partly sponsored the project.

Project details

Technical details

  • 2015 ( 1 month )
  • School project
  • Team Project
  • Tablet
  • C++
  • Unreal


Awards / recognition

  •  Generalist Programmer
  • Selected by ARM as a showpiece at GDC 2016

car select

What i worked on


Control schemes

By design we wanted the player being able to choose his control scheme. Because the game was on a single screen it became quite challenging when we switched control of the pawn each turn. Unreal did not allow you to change player controllers.

I solved it by making a wrapper class for the controller, containing the control schemes and switch between them.


Setting up obstacle/puzzle environment for design

I created a environment in unreal where designers could try out different mechanics. I made a level that contained the mechanics so far and designers could either extend on them, Combine them, or make changes and try them out.


Metric data for heat maps

I saved the following data to be able to create an heath map

  • Car Positions
  • Car leaves track position
  • Car hit water position
  • Car hit object

Because the game was turned base on a local screen i also saved turns rather then time. as a result the heath map could be displayed with the data between certain turns.


Custom car physics

We wanted to have this Toy car behavior for our cars but the Unreal engine did not provide a template for the car behavior we had in mind, so we had to make our own. We tried different solutions of creating the car but in most cases we had trouble with the wheels not rotating as expected. We eventually solved the cars behavior of having ray casts on the wheels to mimic suspension and let the wheels rotate with a calculation.


Gameplay loop

I Created the gameplay loop what involved switching the players back and forth, switching control schemes, and storing turns